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Wilson Fletcher
Lead Designer UX / UI

UX with strict technical limits

Commonwealth Bank of Australia identified an increasing customer need for feature search within their Netbank environment. Through implementing an intuitive search function, customers would quickly and easily access the information and support they required, without CommBank needing to totally re-architect an already established banking platform.

Keeping platform limitations in mind, which included the inability to have a search results page, I looked at multiple ways of making the predictive search as intuitive and as meaningful as possible to the users within the limited real estate available.

Embedded within the feature team for six months, I produced a number of prototypes to explore labelling and categorisation of results in varying quantities, testing with a sample of CBA customers to inform several iterations of design.

App search

In addition to the authenticated Netbank environment, I was also asked to explore ways of implementing search into the mobile app and a yet-to-be-developed future tablet app. This also went through several rounds of prototypes and testing, both guerrilla style internally and with CBA customers.