Colonial First State

Financial planning web site

Wilson Fletcher
Lead Designer UX / UI

Making sense of the complex

Providing information and resources in regards to investing gets even more complicated when you’re targeting both personal investors, financial planners, and employers.

Beyond carefully structured articles there is also an ocean of forms, terms and conditions, and a variety of tools to empower the users. Finding a way of easily navigating all of this was the main challenge with this project, as well as re-defining the digital brand language so as to be accessible and simple.

Having the front-end code within our control allowed us to fine tune typography and carefully tweak the responsive states, resulting in a site we could all be proud of.

User testing

Both focus groups and one on one testing were conducted to get a clear picture of the different user needs. The resulting insights allowed us to create a more targeted IA structure and give the content right levels of priority on the page.

Business requirements

With banking and investing having a range of restrictions and regulations, we worked closely with the CFS team to ensure that the necessary information was in place while still aiming for a simplified user experience.

Front-end code

In addition to creating the full set of screen designs and guiding the image selection, we also provided the front-end code. This helped ensure that the final screens stayed true to our original vision and intended user experience.