Kimchi Power

Keep Calm and Eat Kimchi

Upon encountering a somewhat suspect looking Korean dish, usually where the main ingredient has no direct translation or  is still moving, it has become a long running joke among me and my friends that it’s invariably “good for stamina”.

Koreans are quick to apply all kinds of health properties to their various dishes, and perhaps none more so than their national dish Kimchi. As ubiquitous as rice, this pickled cabbage dish actually comes in a range of variations which can be explored at the Kimchi Museum in Seoul. While some of the loftier health promises include immunity to bird flu, there is no denying that the dish has health benefits, if but for nothing other than the fact that you’re eating vegetables.

Among my many graphical explorations on the subject of Korea, creating a ‘Keep Calm’ poster seemed inevitable. For a bit more info on the original Keep Calm poster, keep calm and check out this video.


I stumbled upon this and I absolutely love love love the design! Any chance of you making it into a T shirt? Thanks!

i hope you don’t mind but i just can’t help but post this image on my facebook. i’ve given credits to your site in my wall post. God bless! and thank you for sharing this image in the internet!

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