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Wilson Fletcher



Introducing video on-demand to New Zealand

With the imminent arrival of competitor Netflix, Sky New Zealand was eager to get to market first with a streaming service which would not only have the right mix of content, but also the right experience.

Racking up the frequent flyer miles, we worked closely with the client in their Auckland offices to help them build a VOD service from the ground up.

This exhausting but oh so rewarding project resulted in a digital experience which is both distinctive and immediately intuitive.

As well as a comprehensive competitor review, early journey maps allowed us to explore the most optimal information architecture.

Prototypes were frequently tested with NZ audiences, giving us insights into not just the experience, but also their content expectations and understanding of VOD.

We got the amazing opportunity to work closely with Interbrand Sydney who created a bold and unique brand for this new service.

Our challenge was to translate their visual language into something that could work across a range of user interfaces without stealing too much attention.

As we were designing for both web, iOS, Android, and XBox, an exhaustive amount of wire-frames and service maps were created and iterated on to ensure everything worked as it should.