Sky GO

Crafting a responsive VOD experience

New Zealand’s premier TV subscription service… on your computer

When the Kiwis want more than just free to air TV they turn to Sky GO for a solid injection of quality sports, shows, and blockbuster movies. But what to do when your set-top-box is out of reach?

Having established a great working relationship with the Sky team on the Neon project, we flew back to Auckland once again to help bring the Sky GO video-on-demand service up to the digital standard it so richly deserved.

With the apps already in market, we were tasked to create the web viewing experience for larger screens. Leveraging the best parts of an already strong brand language, we developed a user experience centred on finding the right content quickly, and a seamless viewing experience.

Once logged in, the user would see different components on the home page, as well as having the ability to continue their viewing journey across the on-demand parts of the site.

A variety of EPGs were explored to see which would allow for the most seamless browsing of the wide range of different channels on offer, with catering for different logos, while necessary, proving to be one of the bigger UI challenges.

While the various player states for the on-demand content allowed for recommendations, ratings, and a number of other features, we also made sure the live stream pause screens got an equal amount of attention, allowing the users to feel in control of their viewing.

Sky TV New Zealand

Wilson Fletcher – 2015