True Local

Responsive web experience

Wilson Fletcher
Senior Experience Designer

A new neighbourhood hub

True Local connect local businesses and customers across Australia with millions of searches each month. Complete with a new brand identity, True Local asked us to optimise and validate the website experience design.

The business listing pages were at the core of the design solution with 80% of traffic landing on these pages. Faced with the multiple needs of both local businesses and end users, essential business information had to be easy to find, as well as providing a window into each local business and surrounding neighbourhood with photos and reviews. And not to be disregarded were the integral business needs to drive conversion of managed listings and media revenue.

Another challenge was to balance a simple and useful search functionality with new user journeys of discovery, showcasing a richer data set going beyond just business listings details.

In close collaboration with the True Local team, we engaged in collaborative workshop sessions to create a suite of new templates. Our process also included comprehensive user testing of all the core journeys, with a particular focus on the mobile experience, given that it serves as the primary access point.